About Us

Our History

The Classic Group was founded by George Tawaf, who commenced his involvement in the industry as the Resident Manager of Beach House Seaside Resort in 1985. Over almost 10 years, George undertook a conscious effort to raise professionalism and knowledge of the timeshare industry. He was responsible for the sales, marketing and management of Beach House Seaside Resort, Beachcomber International Resort and Golden Shores Holiday Club, resulting in record sales success and setting a benchmark for other operators to follow.

In 1992, George Tawaf formed a consortium of family members, following a developer’s decision to sell the management rights of Beach House Seaside Resort, Beachcomber International Resort and Golden Shores Holiday Club. The rights were purchased and Tawaf Resort Management Pty Ltd (TRM) was formed. In parallel, he established Classic Property Marketing Pty Ltd and Classic Property Management Pty Ltd and was issued with a security dealers licence. Classic and TRM set the foundation for excellence in resort management and pioneered some of the systems in use today. 

The foundation of Classic and TRM has today developed into the Classic Group of companies. Today this group employs more than 450 people and services some 26,000 timeshare owners at 12 resorts. Due to George’s legacy, Classic has grown to be the largest privately owned timeshare resort management company in Australia. 

Continuing the legacy of George’s relentless leadership, hard work and dedication, the Classic Group is headed today by Ramy and Karim Filo.
Our Vision
A co-operative of companies and people dedicated to our industry, with the skills focused to provide value for the consumers of timeshare, leisure products and for the industry we are proud to be part of.
Our Mission
Ask our customers, ask our people. They’ll tell you that Classic’s customer-centric culture is legendary. Taking excellent care of our customers is not just a slogan; it’s a way of life that permeates every decision and every action.
For over 25 years, we’ve helped our customers – today numbering over 25,000 – providing leisure experiences second to none. More than just a reservations company, we are renowned as leaders in our industry. The experience of the Classic group of companies means we possess a deep knowledge of timeshare, resort management, customer value and their leisure requirements, along with the practical skill to plan for the future growth of our staff, company, resorts under management and customer expectations. Today we’ve moved beyond just resorts and reservations – our solutions and support can be applied to virtually any leisure industry.

Of all the measurements used to determine customer satisfaction, repeat business speaks the loudest. Why do customers come back to Classic when it’s time to plan a holiday; why do many of our customers recommend us to their friends and families? Results. Classic’s solutions deliver value, more variety, more friendliness, giving customers the benefits they expect.

Classic is a solutions company, delivering not just world-renowned products, but comprehensive, customer-centric services for every aspect of their tourism and leisure needs.
To allow the company meet its objectives and to deliver its products and services to the best of its ability it must maintain revenue growth. 
Our Services
Resort and property management
  • Centralised resort management
  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting to Boards
  • Protect the long term ownership of members
  • Prepare and monitor resort budgets to ensure expenditure is kept within budget
  • Monitoring performance against benchmarks
  • Monitor compliance
  • Cost savings through Classic Group’s bulk purchasing power for goods and services
  • Risk management
  • Owner Information Sessions
  • Continuous quality assurance (guest feedback, resort inspections) 
Member Services
  • Centralised reservations, rental bookings, exchange processing, member queries and mailings
  • Dedicated Australian & NZ toll free numbers
  • Dedicated Complaints Handling Officer
  • Owner database management
  • Exclusive flexible-use programs
  • (Exchange & Play, Points & Play )
  • Inventory management
  • Specialised team liaising with wholesale companies, travel agents and accommodation websites for rental reservations at managed resorts 
Marketing, Publications & Events
  • Marketing services
  • Design, creation and issue of resort, Classic and staff newsletters, event invitations, company publications, stationery, brochures, flyers and other promotional material
  • Constant monitoring and update of website content
  • Event organising: owner information sessions, charity events, industry functions
  • Preparation and issue of monthly email newsletter
  • Implementation and monitoring of regional, national and international marketing plans and initiatives
  • Design and creation of advertisements for Classic group of resorts 
Rental Pool Management
  • Rental space marketing
  • Distribution management
  • Administration of Rental Agreements (leasebacks)
Information Technology
  • Ongoing industry software training
  • Hosting email accounts and Website
  • Provide Firewall, virus and other security measures to protect systems
  • Backup and Archive data
  • Central server to support system
  • Sourcing, implementation and configuration of hardware and software
  • Implement system and network enhancements 
Financial Services
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Budget preparation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Coordination of audits
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Reconciliation and distribution of Resort rental pools
  • Timeshare debt collection (levy recovery, forfeiture) 
Property Maintenance
  • Maintenance specifications
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Annual maintenance programs
  • Refurbishment (interior, exterior, facilities and grounds) 
Share Transfers
  • Provide documents for share only transfers
  • Provide information on share and title transfers 
  • Preparation and issue of share certificates
  • Maintaining share transfer journal
  • Preparation and issue of new owner packs 
Human Resources Management
  • Staff recruitment and retention
  • Staff training, development and motivation
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Industrial Relations Advice
  • Staff counselling and support during traumas 
Our People
Ramy Filo - CEO, Classic Group
Ramy has extensive experience within the timeshare industry. Currently the Managing Director of the Classic Group, Ramy is also the President of the timeshare industry body, the Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council (ATHOC). Ramy’s experience includes a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors, Director of Beach House, Beachcomber, Golden Shores, Pacific Palms and Don Pancho resorts, Responsible Officer for and Director of Classic Clubs Limited and Tiki Village International Limited.
Karim Filo - Group Director of Strategic Planning
Karim has extensive experience with property development and acquisitions. Karim is currently the Director responsible for the Classic Group’s strategic and property acquisition. Karim has been pivotal in the group’s expansion and current resort portfolio and his experience includes responsibility for identifying new locations for Club Apartments; overall responsibility for acquisition of Club Apartments; negotiating service arrangements with management organisations in non Classic Group managed buildings; and developing strategic alliances with other tourism and leisure organisations.
Carole Smith - Managing Director, Classic Holidays
Carole has extensive experience with the day-to-day operation and management of timeshare schemes. Carole is also the President of the Hotel, Motel Accommodation Association of Queensland, President of ATHOC Northern and Director of ATHOC. Carole’s role includes managing day to day operations, financial management and administration of Classic Leisure Pty Ltd; supervision of management of the timeshare resorts and/or interests in the Clubs; management of service agreements in non Classic Group managed properties; and management of strategic alliances with other tourism and leisure organisations.
Mark Stephenson - General Manager,
Classic Holiday Club Pty Ltd
Classic has been an ASIC licensed securities dealer for over 12 years and is focused on ensuring the resale of inventory of Classic managed resorts. CHC has established itself as the leading resale company for timeshare in Australia. Working closely with our resorts, CHC ensures we meet the expectations of new owners.
Mark has over 20 years industry experience including executive positions within RCI and Accor Premier Vacation Club.

Anthony Carey - General Manager,
Classic Properties Australia
Anthony has extensive knowledge and over 10 years experience in Real Estate Marketing in Queensland. Anthony started in 1989 in the finance department of the Classic group and brings a wealth of experience in all facets of property investment and financial planning.
Anthony is responsible for real estate sales and marketing utilising exclusive rights to market to timeshare members of CL and on site at their resort’s real estate property.
Jo-Anne Smith - Managing Director,
One Step Further
Jo-Anne has been in the timeshare/hospitality industry for the past 28 years and has extensive experience as a resort manager and in the areas of product development, design and construction, sales and marketing, human resources, training and development. Jo-Anne has been a lecturer at Griffith University for the past 8 years and has a genuine thirst for knowledge, holding several Diplomas and is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma in Management Psychology.
Jo-Anne holds various positions on a variety of tourism and educational committees with a strong focus on industry research.
Francis Taylor - CEO,
Dial An Exchange
Francis has a diverse background in customer relations and service, corporate administration, and has also been a small business operator under an international franchise name. After gaining several years experience in the timeshare industry, Francis joined with Marc Chouinard to establish Dial An Exchange in Australia, then expanded the business in New Zealand, Europe and North America. Francis’ role is to continue the development of the DAE business in the Asia Pacific region and oversee head office administration functions of the growing company.


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